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The 5th Annual San Francisco International Boogie Woogie Festival was produced by Eliel Redstone and Wendy DeWitt and sponsored by The Golden Gate Blues Society.



Eliel Redstone and Linda Haley

Stephen and Nancy Grand

Jim and Amy Harwood

Douglas and Leni Herst

Paul and Mia Levy

Howard and Ann Sohn



Amy and Philip Mezey

John Plut

Danny Scher



Amy Hess and Jim Badzik

Larry Baskin and Kathlyn Capdeville

Vincent and Suzanne Caprio

Steve and Bunny Fayne

Russ and Susan Holdstein

Mark and Lori Litwin

Richard and Susan Grant

Drs. Gary Nelson and Kellie Magee

Flicka McGurrin - Pier 23

Hon. Stuart and Lee Pollak

Jeffrey and Susan Rudsten

Burr Snider and Patricia Taylor

Frank and Paula Szoka

Norman and Carol Traeger

John Ulrich and Blanche Korfmacher

Harold and Mary Zlot



Elizabeth Spencer Wines,  Napa, CA.



Piedmont Piano



Wendy DeWitt and Kirk Harwood

Brad Robertson, Treasurer of The Golden Gate Blues Society

The Board of Directors - The Golden Gate Blues Society

Kathleen Lawton- KCSM Announcer for “Crazy ‘bout those blues.” 

Jeffrey Schaub - KCBS radio and TV

Liz DiGiorgio - Stage Manager

Peter McCandless  - Video Production

Leslie Redstone - Visual Designer

Tina Abbaszadeh - Photographer

Marshall Craigmyle - Audio

Bill Martinez - Legal counsel

Grent Becvar - Artist Hospitality

Susan Becker - Artist hospitality



Gerrie Davis

Vanessa Franco

Nancy Jamieson

Ari Redstone


Festival Producers

Festival Producers

Producers: Eliel Redstone and Linda Haley

This is Eliel Redstone and Linda Haley's first venture in producing a musical event. They have been interested in Boogie Woogie music for many years. After attending Silvan Zingg's Boogie Woogie Festival in Lugano, Switzerland, they decided to organize a festival in San Francisco. Along with Wendy DeWitt, they have turned this desire into a reality.

Eliel and Linda had an architectural firm in San Francisco for the past 39 years. They specialize in residential renovations and include local artisans in their designs. Eliel's mother was a wonderful ragtime piano player and played the piano in her father's silent movie house in the early 1900's. 

Eliel and Linda live in Marin County and have a son, Ari.

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Co-Producer: Wendy DeWitt

Along with performing, Wendy has a long history of producing shows. The Queens of Boogie Woogie is a well known annual event at Yoshi's, Oakland, and features top artists from around the U.S. The Blues Piano Orgy series appears at Piedmont Piano and Rancho Nicasio. Producing an international boogie woogie festival has been a dream for many years, and Wendy is thankful for the partnership with Eliel Redstone that made the dream a reality.