Producers: Eliel Redstone and Linda Haley

This is Eliel Redstone and Linda Haley's first venture in producing a musical event. They have been interested in Boogie Woogie music for many years. After attending Silvan Zingg's Boogie Woogie Festival in Lugano, Switzerland, they decided to organize a festival in San Francisco. Along with Wendy DeWitt, they have turned this desire into a reality.

Eliel and Linda had an architectural firm in San Francisco for the past 39 years. They specialize in residential renovations and include local artisans in their designs. Eliel's mother was a wonderful ragtime piano player and played the piano in her father's silent movie house in the early 1900's. 

Eliel and Linda live in Marin County and have a son, Ari.

eliel and linda.jpg

Co-Producer: Wendy DeWitt

Along with performing, Wendy has a long history of producing shows. The Queens of Boogie Woogie is a well known annual event at Yoshi's, Oakland, and features top artists from around the U.S. The Blues Piano Orgy series appears at Piedmont Piano and Rancho Nicasio. Producing an international boogie woogie festival has been a dream for many years, and Wendy is thankful for the partnership with Eliel Redstone that made the dream a reality.