Jean-Pierre Bertrand was born on 22.08.55 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France. His parents were music amateurs especially fond of classical music and opera. He studied classical piano in the conservatory from the age of 7 to 14 and won the 1rst awards at a musical contest in 1968. It is not enough however to make him forget the intense emotion he felt once by listening to a Memphis Slim record in a music shop. He finally stops studying classic and leaves Chopin, Mozart and Bach to learn jazz piano. Truly fascinated by the rhythm and the atmosphere of Boogie Woogie tunes, he begins to explore the works of many piano players for several years. Among his favorite pianists are Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Jimmy Yancey, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis and all those who play genuine Blues and Boogie woogie with a touch of Swing. But, not only because he loves as well, particularly Oscar Peterson, Junior Mance and Count Basie.

In 1977 he meets Jean Paul Amouroux, one of the greatest French Boogie Woogie piano players, who strengthens his convictions: He is going to work hard, with method, listening and listening again to the Boogie Woogie Masters, to find out by ear the ingredients of their style and to make them his own. From this time, his single aim will be to play in public. He begins with small gigs in piano bars at week ends... He sometimes replaces one missing pianist. In 1984, he opens in Paris a restaurant and jazz club "La Table d'Harmonie" in Saint-Germain-des Prés, in the very center of Paris. While 4 years he invites many famous jazzmen and among the greatest: Memphis Slim, still remembering his first emotions.

He will also make the French public meet Axel Zwingenberger, young Blues and Boogie Woogie pianist from Germany whose style will influence him a lot. He takes his inspiration from the roots of Blues and Boogie, famous tunes and classics. He takes inspiration in each of them to make a medley of swing and Boogie in his play. Thanks to his strong left hand that swings in his personal way, he plays music that allies a sustained beat as well as entertaining riffs. Tremolos, strong rhythmic basses make Boogie Woogie a 100% piano style.

From 1989 he organizes "Les Nuits Jazz & Boogie" in Paris: a Festival which gathers most of the best traditional Jazz piano players and especially BW players- These successful concerts led him to his artistic carrier. Leaving the field of catering - his initial up-building - he becomes artistic director of a hotels group in 1990 and founds in September 1992 an "Event" Company called JPB MUSIC that aims at organizing concerts and shows as well as private events for companies for public relations for instance. From 1989, Jean-Pierre bertrand is renowned as one of the best French boogie Woogie & blues pianists and organizer.

He recorded 14 albums in different ways: solo, trio or orchestral. One was made with American musicians in one of the best studios of Nashville (Tennessee) famous music city in USA.

He performs in Jazz Clubs, concerts, festivals in France and abroad and he is as well an entertainer for many private receptions organized for people or companies. He already played duet with Axel Zwingenberger (D) the famous pianist from Hambourg, Ray Bryant (USA), Little Willie Littlefield (USA), Jean-Paul Amouroux (F) and many others.

He moved to Beaune, famous city in Burgundy (France), in 2002 and organizes since 2006 the “Beaune Blues Boogie Festival” each year in December. It gives swing and a lot of fun in this area of the greatest wines of the world!

Each of his performance and appearance on stage is unforgettable: he plays an intensive music with passion and charisma. Willing to make the public share his passion for piano, he made up several shows on different themes.